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What do you see in this picture..

Some see just a hill.. To me it’s an excellent expression of nature gift to humanity. Beauty given to us by the Gods.


This is the day that is literally supposed to be the first day of the week. Today people have the energy to work,for a smart human being this is your day. I was thinking ūüí≠ of the phrase What if…

What if we were not the most intelligent beings in the world. Imagine animals like lions going to a park to see humans.. it’s funny but just think of it… Ain’t crazy was just thinking out loud because it’s a Tuesday.. Chao


Do you believe that fate exists, personally I don’t. I believe in living for the moment but does it really work, once thing in life you have to work today to be able to find you way tomorrow. The world is round, for me a reason. Treat all your friends and enemies well because you don’t know tomorrow. There are no permanent enemies I can assure you that. Work hard today tomorrow will be fair to you..


Twenty year ago I was born and found myself in this country I did not write a postcard to be born here I did not have the chance to choose where to be born.. I don’t know another home please Mr politician don’t destroy my home for your greed for power


“no man is an island” we all need to support our country.. Either kikuyu lugha meru kamba Luo we all kenyan our tribe is kenya ūüáįūüá™.. Peace ‚úĆ


His excellency Peter munya former governor of meru went to Saudi Arabia to sell pork… He noticed that pork can only be sold at home.. Welcome back home. TUKO PAMOJA.. not my words

Thoughts of the day 

When Martin Luther King Jr said that one day the US will be ruled by a black man he was not on a prophecy bid but he saw the pattern that nobody else saw.. Today the president of the is kenyatta and in December he will still be the president.. Truth be told

It’s Friday¬†

Every end week people head to the club other stay at home maybe watch a movie call some friends over.. It’s all in the name of a good life. When you are enjoying your life your hard earned money don’t forget where you came from. Text your parents or call them and appreciate for their hard work… it’s not much to ask.. 

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